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THIS YEAR, I’M NOT GOING TO EDINBURGH. Flights, venue and accommodation were booked but now I have to cancel. I am both time poor and cash poor. This means for those who were looking forward to the follow up to NO MORE MR RICE GUY, I’ll be honing my show PROTOTYPE. So rather than just a knee-jerk reaction of going up to Edinburgh as my “Last Hurrah” to crack global comedy and make it my living, or my bid to become a Radio 4 mouthpiece against casual racism or give insight to transracial adoption.  Or simply to share my observations on the challenges of buying an energy saving light bulb. I shall continue being a prototype not a stereotype. Perhaps Prototype is not a stand-up show, it may be the idea behind a TV idea, a book, possibly even a gameshow. It’s certainly how I lead my life. Prototypes aren’t always succeed but Prototype Thinking is what moves us forward. Certainly it can be harder to achieve your goals by following the route everyone else does. So I am not going to Edinburgh 2015, I am not going to compete to be heard with hundreds of other far more talented stand-ups, I’ll continue to grow in the dark. Perhaps that’s what it means to be a Prototype.

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