A noisy start to Edinburgh


IMG_1582Finally my first show at my venue at Cowgatehead 4. There were always going to be teething problems with Freestival. I believe most of the acts were able to start on the 1st. I had to turn some people away on the 1st. You could hear the other 2 shows. There’s also issues of signage and no branded banner over the door to help guide people. Further encouragement from the barman downstairs, as he said that he’s had the most enquiries about my show today. Asking whether it was on and where it was. Almost miraculous as I haven’t flyered at all. And won’t. I’m just happy to be here. There’s been great effort by the Freestival team and some acts to sort it all of the venues and they mostly have.  Tonight, the sound issue of other shows and there’s still no spotlight in my room, made the evening challenging but I had to go on as there were around 30 people to see the show. Some from last year, came to see me again. I was distracted by the sound and I always remember what Peter Grahame said to me about how critical lighting is and that when the audience can see each other, they’re distracted too and self conscious. However, the show did go on amidst it all. I’m glad it’s finally started. I’m a coiled spring ready to go.

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