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UK Asian Comedians Xmas Drinks 2016

I arrived back from New York City 5 months ago and after living 6 months of the Big Apple, I returned to the UK refreshed albeit, coming home to – no home, no job and no wife. At least a couple of those things annoyed me.

But one observation about NYC was that there were Asians everywhere. I’d never experienced that before. Seeing so many people who looked and spoke like me. There was a sense of Yellow Privilege.

At the home of stand-up comedy, the standard was very high. I could go to a show at 4 in the afternoon on the Upper East Side and see some very good acts: Muslims, Black, Asian, midgets, lesbians and Cau-occasionally…White people. If the insights were about race, they’d be very good and the attitude was more like “What else you got?”. I loved it.

In a city of Chicanese, Filatinos and Blackanese, I want my mixed race kids to experience this (I tend to have children every 15 years).

Meanwhile here in the UK, Asian acts (I know you say Oriental here but we’re much more than just rugs) are coming onto the scene; Yuriko Kotani, winner of the BBC Comedy Award 2016 and Phil Wang ex-Cambridge Footlights and recently seen on Live At The Apollo, are leading the way.

So it only made sense to gather the Yellow wave of comedy at least once a year. This was the 2nd time we’ve all gotten together and in true Asian tradition, I was reluctant to be the organiser again. It turned out to be a great night, as I am missing the drinking gene, I spent most of the time dealing with different lagers being bought for me with varying strengths and flavours.

I don’t remember what we talked about but possibly it was just the thrill of seeing such fine comedy minds gathered, which propelled the evening. Here are some of the faces to watch in 2017 so come and see us.  Who knows? Maybe next year, our yellow Xmas will get up to double figures.


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THIS YEAR, I’M NOT GOING TO EDINBURGH. Flights, venue and accommodation were booked but now I have to cancel. I am both time poor and cash poor. This means for those who were looking forward to the follow up to NO MORE MR RICE GUY, I’ll be honing my show PROTOTYPE. So rather than just a knee-jerk reaction of going up to Edinburgh as my “Last Hurrah” to crack global comedy and make it my living, or my bid to become a Radio 4 mouthpiece against casual racism or give insight to transracial adoption.  Or simply to share my observations on the challenges of buying an energy saving light bulb. I shall continue being a prototype not a stereotype. Perhaps Prototype is not a stand-up show, it may be the idea behind a TV idea, a book, possibly even a gameshow. It’s certainly how I lead my life. Prototypes aren’t always succeed but Prototype Thinking is what moves us forward. Certainly it can be harder to achieve your goals by following the route everyone else does. So I am not going to Edinburgh 2015, I am not going to compete to be heard with hundreds of other far more talented stand-ups, I’ll continue to grow in the dark. Perhaps that’s what it means to be a Prototype.

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In an attempt to update my site. I’d committed technical seppuku. But I’m back now to give you all the dates you need to know. I’m still attempting to make comedy my main source of income. In the meantime I’ve got some acting work as a Chinese businessman for a language video. I suppose that could be construed as comedy as I have to put on a Chinese accent. Herro.

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A noisy start to Edinburgh

IMG_1582Finally my first show at my venue at Cowgatehead 4. There were always going to be teething problems with Freestival. I believe most of the acts were able to start on the 1st. I had to turn some people away on the 1st. You could hear the other 2 shows. There’s also issues of signage and no branded banner over the door to help guide people. Further encouragement from the barman downstairs, as he said that he’s had the most enquiries about my show today. Asking whether it was on and where it was. Almost miraculous as I haven’t flyered at all. And won’t. I’m just happy to be here. There’s been great effort by the Freestival team and some acts to sort it all of the venues and they mostly have.  Tonight, the sound issue of other shows and there’s still no spotlight in my room, made the evening challenging but I had to go on as there were around 30 people to see the show. Some from last year, came to see me again. I was distracted by the sound and I always remember what Peter Grahame said to me about how critical lighting is and that when the audience can see each other, they’re distracted too and self conscious. However, the show did go on amidst it all. I’m glad it’s finally started. I’m a coiled spring ready to go.

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Part Time model

I’ve got 5 modelling and acting agents now. I’m in the ETHNIC sections:

Screenshot 2014-06-18 15.24.42

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Last year for CHINK I did 17 previews before heading up to Edinburgh. This year will be about 14. The last one was cancelled due to the sun and football. It’s all good practice and I genuinely enjoy performing in front of London audiences. Like most stand-up shows up in Edinburgh, No More Mr Rice Guy is part artificial schtick with tacked on genuine pathos. I probably haven’t promoted the show enough which is disappointing given my advertising background. Nonetheless I reckon I’m as prepared as I can be at this moment in time for the Edinburgh Monster. In the meantime I’ll get my shoes resoled and buy a new rain mac.


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No More Mr Rice Guy visits Brighton

Yes, it’s preview time, bits on notes and new anecdotes. I’m looking forward to this. The build up to Edinburgh and getting new soles on shoes.BF018_25_A3

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Alexi Sayle totally class.

Dave’s Comedy Festival promoted this wonderful event. A lot of reminiscing but also brilliant insights into comedy that still remain relevant from this hugely entertaining man.

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Rick Kiesewetter
We Love Comedy at the Wenlock & Essex

Tonight starts a new comedy night in collaboration with We Love Comedy. This is a new material night for circuit comedians. Both Sean Brightman and myself thought there was a need for such a night. We hope to give a comedy literate audience to some of the best pro comics around. And I get to be resident MC. For more information visit–angel-new-show.html

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soundlab 1
Working on a showreel

Yakuza, Stand-up, Japanese scientist

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