It’s the man not the…


Today I bought a suit. Jimmy Carr wore a suit from the start. Many comedians don’t, especially at my level. It would be fair to say that most comedians both male and female wear what’s comfortable. T-shirt and jeans. One could say that it doesn’t matter what you wear on stage. You just have to be funny. I find that black works for me. Louis CK for the most part wears black T-shirts, Bill Burr; dark shirt, dark jeans. Besides, I can’t wear a slogan T-shirt and jeans anymore on stage. I feel slightly juvenile, I reserve that look for when I’m skating. Besides wearing a suit is easier. Less to think about. It’s alleged that Barack Obama only has black and navy suits. Charles Saatchi goes into to Selfridges every few years and buys 5 of the same black suit. It’s easier to wear a suit. But can be challenging to find an off the rack suit if you don’t have an off the rack body (like me). My body is at best, slightly misshapen. Well stage uniform. Tick.  Perhaps I can be the Gok Wan for men. Or make a living as a PSY look-alike?

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